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2011 OS Cleanup: OSX

Has your Mac been slowing down recently? Do you have a load of programs launching when you boot your machine? Are you running out of space and you don’t know where it all went? These are all common problems for Mac as well as PC users. Today we are going to take a look at a few ways you can speed up your mac and keep it in tip top shape.

Stream everywhere using Airfoil

Did you get a new Airport Express for christmas? Would you like to jam to some Pandora on your Apple TV? Want to use your i-Pod touch or i-Phone for a speaker for your music collection? Airfoil is for you!

Pandora Jam

“PandoraJam lets you listen to Pandora whenever and wherever you want. You can stream audio to an Airport Express connected to your hi-fi system, or record music for later playback. Recordings are iPod friendly, tagged, and look great in iTunes. Want to keep a record of the songs you listen to? PandoraJam can submit tracks to Last.fm, so your friends can see what you’ve been checking out.”