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Targus Laser Presentation Remote

Today we will be reviewing the Targus Laser Presentation Remote.  A solid unit that fit’s perfectly into your hand.  Out of the box it’s compatible with Windows PowerPoint, Apple Keynote and Apple PowerPoint with the flick of a switch.  There are seven buttons on the unit.  The center button controls the laser pointer.  And the two buttons straddling each side move forward and backwards throughout the slides.  Towards the top there is an upper left button and an upper right button.  The upper left button blacks the screen for the end of the presentation and the upper left button jumps in and out of presentation mode.  Don’t think you will be using those buttons during your presentation?  Or maybe you’re nervous that sweaty jumpy hands may bump these in the middle of your presentation.  Worry not!  There is a lock button on the side that disables these two buttons and turns the power leds red.  Finally the power button makes sure you save battery.

The unit comes with 2 double a batteries and a stowable usb connector.

Everyone knows that these stowable usb connectors are the bees knees.

As most device it comes with two batteries.

But WAIT! It only uses one battery, while the other one is a spare ready to go in that moment of truth.

In conclusion, a great unit! 5 out of 5 stars!